There are many parents out there who want their children to start learning early and hence try to prepare their child for preschool with the help of lesson plans for toddlers. One of the key components of learning for a toddler is the development of reading skills. This article will specially focus on developing reading lesson plans for toddlers. It is very important for your toddler to get familiarized with the library and encourage him/her to check out the books. The library staff should take an initiative to introduce the child to the children book area. Many libraries schedule story time during different times of the year.

The child should be allowed to participate in library activities that involve reading and learning about new book releases. The trips to the library will help to imbibe a love for books in the child. Additionally you can also allow the child to choose a book to read once a week from the library. You must return home with that particular book and read it with the child. As soon as you finish reading the first chapter, discuss it with the child so that he grasps the story better.

Lesson plans for toddlers help to make the reading session more interactive in nature. You should also encourage conversation from the child at the time of reading the book. If you are reading a book on cats then you may ask the child “what sound does the cat makes?” You can also point out to the pictures in the book and ask to name the person, place or the animal in the picture. This type of interactive session helps the child to learn new concepts, spell and even read! Before you return the book to the library make sure the child is able to identify each and every picture in the book. Books are not just for reading; it is basically a tool to introduce the child to other subjects. The sheer number of books available for children in the market is totally unbelievable. There are books on ballet, football, fishing, painting and even camping ideas for toddlers!



If a child is not willing to read initially then think of incorporating small rewards in the lesson plans for toddlers. For example, you can set the child a particular target with respect to the number of pages to be read in a particular day. If he completes that target then you can reward the child with his favourite treat. There are many children who spend countless hours watching TV and playing video games. So it is very important for your child to get involved in mind stimulating activities. Moreover, lesson plans for toddlers are very effective in developing the reading IQ of the child.