In the domestic relocation industry a growing trend being seen is the increase in involuntary renters. In the past, relatively few homeowners became renters. When they did, it was often a lifestyle choice, such as empty-nesters who sold their large suburban home and moved into a city apartment. Today this situation is much more common -- and too often an effect of the current housing market and economic conditions. Some transferees cannot sell their departure home and end up renting it out and finding a rental property at the destination. That is not the only scenario. Others expect their time at the destination to be limited and want to keep their original home for their return. Still others may have been spooked by the volatile housing market in general.


Relocation Services include a whole set of services aimed at relocating an individual along with his belongings or a complete business infrastructure. It involves a series of procedures such as planning, de-installation, packaging, transportation and installation, etc. Apparently, moving from one place to another may seem an easy job but it is not. When moving the whole set up, it is better to avail professional Relocation Services as it will make the entire process smooth, cost-effective and less time consuming. Relocation Services are usually outsourced so as to save the time and workforce that company will have to deploy for this task. The business processes that are in involved in Relocation are:
* Documentation - This involves arranging for Visa and passports for employees and their families, who are to be relocated in foreign countries.
* Accommodation- This involves planning and arranging residential accommodations for the employees and their families who are to be relocated in foreign countries.
* Education - In this process educational service for the children of the employees who are relocated to foreign land is availed. This involves the admission process of the child in the new place, where his/her parents are relocated.
* Introduction - Many Relocation service providers also help in introducing the relocated employees and their families to the culture and language of the foreign land where they are sent.
Most of the companies outsource the Relocation Services because they don't have a separate department for this task. The companies hire Relocation Experts who are well aware with intricacies of the process. Some of the benefits that a company can reap by Outsourcing Relocation Job are enlisted below:
* Outsourcing Relocation Services can save a great amount of time and money that the company will have to invest for this task. Apart from this the workforce that has to be separately deployed for Relocation can be kept in other departments to increase the productivity of the company.
* By hiring a Relocation Service provider the company can avail their expert guidance in forming and revising the Relocation policies of the company.
* Quicker and better Relocation Services can be provided to the employees who are to be relocated.
* The relocation policies can be enforced in a better way if a Relocation Service Provider is hired because he will act as a gatekeeper to undue requests and favours demanded by the employees.

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