If you’re interested in buying a memory foam mattress, there’s a good chance you’ve seen how expensive they can be. You might have also come across memory foam mattress toppers. These are thin layers of memory foam that you can put on top of a regular mattress. But are they any good? Why should you use them?


Today’s best memory foam mattress toppers give you the comfort you associate with a memory foam mattress, but just not to the same degree. A topper is basically the top layer of a memory foam mattress. Full size memory foam mattresses use multiple layers of foam to create the highest levels of comfort. You can still get a lot of comfort with a topper. 

Pain Relief

A memory foam mattress topper also gives you the same levels of pain relief as a memory foam mattress. They distribute the weight of your body properly and keep the pressure off of your joints. This helps your body heal up. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people doing physical therapy and sports players who need to rest up properly after each time on the field.


One great thing about memory foam mattress toppers is the value of them. A good memory foam mattress easily sets you back a few hundred dollars. The best memory foam mattresses can even cost as much as $1000. A good memory foam mattress topper can be yours for less than $100. Of course the best ones are still expensive, but you can still get a lot out of a memory foam mattress topper for less than $100.

Get More Out Of Your Mattress

Another aspect of the memory foam mattress toppers that adds value is that there’s no need to replace your existing mattress. If you feel that your mattress is too hard, or is too old, then you can get more out of it by putting a topper on top of it. You can extend the life of your mattress using a memory foam mattress topper.

Basically a memory foam mattress topper will give you the same benefits of a memory foam mattress, but it doesn’t have a high price tag with it. It is a way to get more out of your mattress and more out of your sleep, but without taking even more out of your wallet. They also provide an excellent way to “test drive” memory foam. If you aren’t sure if memory foam is good for you then get a topper and see how it feels. You’ll know for sure if memory foam is good for you or not.