A car is one valuable asset that you would want to ensure that it is safe from thieves or people with an ill motive of vandalizing it. The locks on your car’s front door are meant to keep the vehicle safe by making sure that it is only you who can have access to it, of course with the use of your car key. Unfortunately, things can go south, making the security of your car compromised. One of the questions that most people ask regarding locks is, "what do I need to know before I changed the locks on my front door, and how do I go about it." Read on to learn how.

Why Change The Locks On My Front Door?

If your car key gets lost, stolen, or damaged, then changing your front car locks should be the first thing to think of. You can hire a reputable locksmith to either re-key or replace your car doors to beef up your personal and even family security. Some of us keep crucial documents such as office documents and other personal documents in our cars. You would, therefore, imagine a situation where the wrong hands got hold of such records. They can find useful information such as email addresses, physical addresses, or confidential financial reports, and use them against you.



What If I Changed The Locks On My Front Door And My Car Key Has A Chip?

Most cars use one key for the door locks and the ignition cylinder. So, if you change the front locks of your car, you will have to carry two different keys. One for the locks and the other one for the ignition. However, you can ask your locksmith to change the ignition lock cylinder for you as well. All you need is a transponder key blank embedded with a chip. This way, you can use one key for both purposes, and in the same breath, heighten the security of your car.

Changing The Lock

The steps involved in changing the front door locks vary with the type of the car. However, there are some basics that the locksmith employs in the process. The first step involves the removing of the end cam and the inner spring and then placing any key in the lock tumbler. As the pins are pushed from the walls of the cylinder, the locksmith takes out the inner lock tumbler through the back. He then installs the replacement tumbler pins, ensuring that they are in the same order with every lock. The next thing is to test the tumbler and finally putting the lock back into the car after making sure that it turns with the desired key.

The Bone Of Contention Between A Dealership And A Locksmith

Some people ask, “how would I benefit if I changed the locks on my front door with the help of a locksmith instead of a dealership?” Both can offer the same service, but if you want to protect your wallet, then hiring a locksmith instead of a dealership would be wise. An experienced locksmith is unlikely to deliver substandard services because he is familiar with all kinds of locks, have a fast turnaround and charges affordable rates for the service, unlike the dealerships who ask for exorbitant rates.